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eCommerce Academy

Finnish eCommerce graduate academy offers a solution to candidates starting their career within internet retail. Participants will get the chance to work as part of the eCommerce and digital teams and participate Finland's most prestigious community of eCommerce and it's series of seminars.

The need for talent & Program objectives

There is a continuous need for new talents in the Finnish eCommerce scene. No other internship or training module has yet been established that would prepare candidates to enter the job market with actual hands on expertise focused on internet retail business.

The programme is structured to complement the academic learnings with real life on-the-job learning. Special learning modules will enable participants to deepen their knowledge in versatile topics. The objective of the programme is to prepare participants with concrete skills to enable them to start creating value in the eCommerce organisations starting from the first day.

eCommerce training in top tier company

During the trainee period the student will be fully trained to perform multiple tasks relating to the eCommerce business, such as digital marketing, usability, webshop management, customer service, content creation, analytics and logistics. The companies will provide their best professionals from different expertise areas to act as mentors of the student.

Chance to visit every company involved and learn from their main competences

During the trainee period the student has a chance to visit all the companies involved in the academy and meet face-to-face top professionals from multiple sectors. You will be able to create valuable connections to help your future career moves.

Participate all eComGrowth seminars within the trainee period

eComGrowth offers the best training in Finland with keynote speakers all over the world and chance to connect with the best eCommerce achievers in Finland. See the full list at eComGrowth pages.

Educational institution cooperation combined with monetary compensation

The program is done in co-operation with Aalto University, Haaga-Helia, Laurea University of Applied Sciences and University of Tampere. All these institutes grant study credits for participating the training. However, on top of that to allow students to earn as much as possible without affecting their government subsidies we offer 600€/month salary for trainee-work.

Structure of the Academy

  • 3 to 6 months
  • Different paths for job specialization
  • On-the-job learning
  • Company visits and lectures in participating companies
  • eComGrowth seminars
  • Initial submission deadline for FW2018 Tampere Academy is 30.9.2018
  • The trainee time starts in October or by agreement on a company-specific basis.


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Initial submission deadline 30.9.2018 for FW2018 Tampere

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